Sep 5, 2009

Entrecard Tips - Remove Oldies

When I was dropping by on some of my fellow droppers' pages, I saw something old.
"Not Accepting Paid Ads"
Entrecard removed its paid ad system in July as mentioned in Entrecard Blog by Cindy, the new Director of Business Development for Entrecard.

My name is Cindy and I am the new Director of Business Development for Entrecard. I will be representing the Entrecard team in future posts and will be relaying information about new Entrecard changes and updates to users.....
Effective immediately, we will no longer accept applications for “paid ads” on your widget space. Based on user comments and blog posts, users have not been happy with the “paid ads” that was implemented a few months ago.

Why some of you still have banners saying "Not Accepting Paid Ads". It might give a feeling to your readers that you are under caring your blog or website.

So hurry up and remove the oldies from your blogs and web sites.

Hope this helped some of you all and I would love to hear your feedback:)


SANDY said...

I still see lots of the widgets and text with EC saying the same thing and have been wondering why people didn't remove it. I guess leaving it doesn't do any harm, just makes me think they're not updating their blog, and or they've not been reading the announcements.

I was not happy with, did not accept, and did not purchase an advert that did accept paid ads. So, I am thrilled to see they are gone. Many of them were tastless, an irritant to see; and the same ad appeared in far too many places...over kill for sure.

I wasn't happy with previous adm. so am also happy to see a change made there. There are still problems, many seem not to get the attention I think they should. The down times are understandable and they happen everywhere for routine maintenance, but they must be communicated. They must be scheduled and brief so people can plan around them for them not to be a source of discontent.

I do not support or like the idea of no ec's for blog post, it gives no incentive to people to keep there blogs current with I think is a mistake. I also don't like the ec's being cut in half; but perhaps all that will settle down and prices might get more stable. I am one who always returns a drop, to me, it's returning a favor; but if they're dropping on me is one sided...they only are getting an ec, then what favor am I returning? I've not come to grips with that yet.

There are still far too many blogs with ec's at the bottom of their page, clearly not above the fold, too many with more ads then blog content, and too many that don't update for my liking. I wish there were a better system to file a complaint about these blogs. The difficulty is, you see the problem when you're on the blog. While on the blog you can't really get to their profile to click report. When you click the advert in your inbox to return the drop, there also isn't a way to go directly to the profile. I would like to see a better method for blogs popularity ranking then currently exists. As it is now, blogs that aren't necessarily good, not updated can and do have a popular ranking simply because they drop drop drop. Their advert appears first on the pages when someone views the campaign area, which gives them more notice, gives them the more likelihood of being purchased and dropped on more.

Case and point, I've been watching this one blog now for some time in my category, that is ranked 2nd or 3rd over and over and hasn't made a blog post since July 3, and that post is sorry I haven't been around with the post prior to it being back a full month previously. In such a case, what does the blog have to offer? And yet it has a very high popularity ranking.

Thanks for allowing the input, it's appreciated.

cornyman said...

Now there are paid ads again :(

Look into the EntreCard blog!

Citizen Shelly said...

There is going to be a new Entrecard scheme where there will be lots of paid ads that everyone will be forced to show on their sites. In fact, it is starting on October 5 and it may entirely crowd out the non-paid ads. It was announced that you can opt-out of it by paying Entrecard $50 a month. What a rip-off! So that is probably why people leave the message on their blogs, it is a statement that they are against what's to come from Entrecard, which is much worse than their previous scheme.

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Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! said...

I never had a problem with the paid EC ads. In fact, I had my accounts setup to auto-accept all ads including paid ads. I know a lot of people were real unhappy with the paid spots though and some ECers boycotted them altogether.

JanuskieZ said...

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Sandy said...

So this is a rather old post, and about outdated. They quickly forgot the message that they wouldn't have paid ads, and not did they bring them back, but they mandated them. So much for blogger imput.

Mike Golch said...

I finally got around to removing mine.

Warren said...

I hardly even see those ads anyway, my incentive to even use EntreCard is to find blogs I am interested in and visit them regularly and I do that from the Campaign page. Then I maintain my own drop list.

MalayaBerry said...

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Eric : BlogDeManila : Philippine Blog said...

exactly... there are still bloggers who has this image next to their EC widgets and I guess you are right that they don't care about their blog, or perhaps are not aware on EC's latest rules.

be it may be, there are paid ads on EC, mostly are non-blogs sites. i can't see anything wrong in here as long as EC will maintain it's services for free to us bloggers.

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