Sep 5, 2009

Entrecard Tips - Remove Oldies

When I was dropping by on some of my fellow droppers' pages, I saw something old.
"Not Accepting Paid Ads"
Entrecard removed its paid ad system in July as mentioned in Entrecard Blog by Cindy, the new Director of Business Development for Entrecard.

My name is Cindy and I am the new Director of Business Development for Entrecard. I will be representing the Entrecard team in future posts and will be relaying information about new Entrecard changes and updates to users.....
Effective immediately, we will no longer accept applications for “paid ads” on your widget space. Based on user comments and blog posts, users have not been happy with the “paid ads” that was implemented a few months ago.

Why some of you still have banners saying "Not Accepting Paid Ads". It might give a feeling to your readers that you are under caring your blog or website.

So hurry up and remove the oldies from your blogs and web sites.

Hope this helped some of you all and I would love to hear your feedback:)

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Thank you for being loyal to All to Read and looking forward for your cooperation in the future too.