Apr 29, 2009

Samsung Reveals Another Omnia Variant - Omnia Pro

Samsung’s Omnia is aiming to be a presence like no other with variations seemingly creeping out of the woodwork every now and again. After only the recent reveling of the Omnia HD i8910, the next step the company has taken with the device is what’s being called the Omnia Pro. What makes this so special? The slide out QWERTY keypad is the answer.

Although a picture has been making rounds of what the handset looks like, we’re aching to see it live of course. Judging by the size of the original handset, the keypad should be large enough to make typing quite easy and from the image the design also looks that way. According to reports the handset will be running on a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and can be upgraded to version 6.5 when that’s out. Other features will include a 5MP AF camera with its image stabilizer and flash.

It’s possible the handset may hit shelves in July 2009

Source : Tech2.com